Why Join CliniCrowd ?

Participate in CliniCrowd’s proprietary registries, and use our platform to monitor, share and validate the efficacy of specific nutriments for people suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and gout or those at risk seeking prevention.

Get more control over your life and your disease, including exploring natural approaches. You have the right to know about and explore nutriments and treatments that big pharma companies generally won’t investigate.

What You Get

By participating in our longitudinal registries, you can contribute to enhancing understanding, possible prevention, and treatment that can alleviate or slow the development of your symptoms.

You’ll get access to insights gained through ongoing reporting by people just like you to validate if these nutriments can help improve your well-being and quality of life.

Share Your Knowledge

Your wisdom and experience can help yourself and others. If you are at risk for developing any of these diseases, we want you to learn which nutriments may have prophylactic properties using the wisdom of the Crowd.

CliniCrowd’s goal is to transform anecdotal and preliminary evidence using the wisdom of the Crowd into actionable information to help you directly. We believe that applied knowledge is power, and the knowledge you share may change your life.

The CliniCrowd crowd-sourcing platform tests and validates natural, safe and easily accessible nutriments that have already shown promise in scientifically validated laboratory studies, or sometimes even in small human clinical studies, but are still largely unknown to most of the public.

These nutriments, which pharma companies have no incentive to investigate or promote, might lead to healthier and better lives for individuals with various ailments and medical conditions.

Using the data from the Crowd, CliniCrowd will provide shared insights, allowing you to better manage your personal symptoms – taking greater control of your life.



CliniCrowd does not provide medical advice. For medical advice regarding how to manage your disease, please consult your physician.


VERIFY Get relevant scientific data for your disease
BELIEVE Benefit from the power and wisdom of the crowd to help others
EXPLORE Analyze the impact of nutriments on your symptoms/ailments and quality of life
SHARE Get general insights from your community with complete privacy
VALIDATE Corroborate our big data validating nutriments as an enhanced solution


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