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Can Mannitol help benefit Parkinson’s patients?

We invite you to join our webinar and learn how it all started.

How, we discovered the effect of Mannitol on Parkinson’s disease and how it impacts people living with the disease.

Current treatment

Current medications and surgical treatments offer temporary relief of specific symptoms of the disease. Every person living with Parkinson’s disease depends, on several different medications throughout the day.

To date, there is no medication or treatment available that focuses on the cause of the disease. There is no treatment today, that prevents disease development, stops disease progression, or reverses the disease.

The CliniCrowd Community is growing daily – thanks to people like you – who live, the world over, with Parkinson’s, seeking information about potential solutions to the disease. This information is both, not patentable and widely available – offering no financial incentive to the pharmaceutical companies – and therefore they have no interest in sharing it with patients.

We believe the time has come to focus on the patient – to allow patients to their experiences of what it is like to live with Parkinson’s disease – and to learn from their peers what works and what does not work…

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Join CliniCrowd’s Webinar on Tuesday, April 4th at 1:00 p.m. EST.We will share the slides, the webinar recording, and an infographic on List Hygiene for all registrants, after the Webinar.