CliniCrowd Team

CliniCrowd grew out of the founders’ desire to help a close friend diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Their friend started using Mannitol, an over-the-counter sweetener and saw improvements in his Parkinson’s symptoms.
They wanted to share his experiences to benefit others, since they have come to the realization that a revolution is necessary in the area of disease and medical condition management

Amir Sadeh
Amir SadehCo-founder, CEO
Former GM, Infogold (acquired by CGBI); Co-founder & BD, GTT ( commercializing IPR ); Co-founder & CEO, Onigma (acquired by McAfee); Co-founder & CEO, GreenSQL (acquired by Huawei)
Michal Kahan
Michal KahanCo-Founder and Board Member
Former CEO, Lev El Diagnostic of Heart Disease; Co-founder & VP Sales, Dune Networks (acquired by Broadcom); VP Marketing, Comverse Mobile Data Division; Product Manager & SW Engineer, Tecnomatix Technologies; SW Engineer, Daisy
Dan Vesely
Dan VeselyCo-founder, Active Chairman
Parkinson patient and the motivation for this venture. Partner, Sdema group; Retired Major General and Operational & Management positions, Israel Security Agency (31 years)
Ran Cohen
Ran CohenCo-founder, Director
Founder & CEO Kiterunner – Ideas Generator; ex Founder and CEO, Learni TuneWiki; Founder and Chairman, Magnolia Capital; Diverse background in venture capital and investment banking
Irit Shefer
Irit SheferCo-founder
Independent R&D Strategic and Clinical Consultant for dietary supplements companies; Director, Clinical Operations, Quark; Clinical Operations Manager, Schering-Plough; GM, Actelion Pharmaceutical; Clinical Research Coordinator, Teva Pharmaceutical