Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CliniCrowd?

CliniCrowd is a social impact company

CliniCrowd searches for nutriments that are safe for human consumption, recognized by FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), and have scientific evidence (in research papers) to be used to hopefully enhance wellbeing and possibly impact symptoms of diseases. CliniCrowd encourages those who would like to try to take the nutriment for the specific disease to report into the CliniCrowd platform, which is a web-based registry platform. In turn, CliniCrowd will present its findings as is to the crowd.

Patients voluntarily register for the registry and enter their health information, purchase and administer the products themselves, and enter treatment outcome data on the website.
Disclaimer – CliniCrowd does not provide medical advice.  For medical advice regarding how to manage your Parkinson’s disease, please consult your doctor

What about Privacy?

Understanding privacy is important. Our platform can only work if we build trust with our patients and members. Without this trust we would not be able to accomplish our mission to explore new types of remedy by the crowd for the crowd. Privacy is also a legal issue and we have worked hard to develop a good policy that is also easy to read and understand. Please review our privacy policy carefully

What safeguards does CliniCrowd have in place to secure data?

We follow the best practices in security.  We also use state of the art firewalls for our servers, and our systems have been developed to prevent the most common security vulnerabilities. For secure browsing, we use SSL.

What information is visible on public profiles?

You’re welcome to share information as that you’re comfortable with. Here’s what would be visible in the Web site: charts featuring information you and others in the community share about condition such as: treatments, drugs, and symptoms, demographic information such as: age, gender and location (country). In your personal secured zone the platform will present specific information related to you based on the follow-up registers, you have been completing, such as; your improvement chart.

How do I report changes in symptoms, side effects or medication?

You can make these changes in the follow up registry. We expect you to complete regularly or once there is a change in medication / symptoms / change of nutriment dose etc.

What is a Crowd Report?

Crowd Report helps you:

Understand the experience of taking a nutriment/treatment, including side-effects

Learn how to cope with taking the SAFE ingredients (with tips and advice from the community) .The report will simply collect and present the data from the questionnaire in a more graphic way – no interpretation will be done. CliniCrowd does not provide medical advice.  For medical advice regarding how to manage your disease, please consult your doctor

What are reminders?

Reminders are sent to your email address to make it easier to remember when to update your registry data (e.g. quality of life, medication, exercise and symptoms). You can manage them in your profile

Can I update my Doctor on this?

Do you have an upcoming appointment with your doctor? Your personal report is the best way to keep your doctor up-to-date with what’s been happening with you in between visits. You can print your personal report from your personal Web site’s secured zone, using your password

How reliable is the information about symptoms and treatments?

The reports only reflect data that has been shared by the crowd. They cannot be guaranteed to be accurate, and they are not intended to represent complete information about a nutriment, symptom, or condition.
Disclaimer – CliniCrowd does not provide medical advice.  For medical advice regarding how to manage your disease, please consult your doctor

Can I create a profile for someone else and post content that's not my own?

When you sign-up for CliniCrowd, you can be identified as a caregiver or relative of the participant (see privacy policy). This means that you’ll enter data as if you’re the patient=participant, instead of yourself. However, the privacy policy and consent refer to the patient with the specific condition.

How do I find a crowd clinical trial?

CliniCrowd’s platform collects, provides and makes available to the specific communities; accessible scientific-based information regarding various nutriments for different medical conditions.  We approach different communities and interest groups per disease.

How do I close my account?

Participating in the CliniCrowd registry is your choice and is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate in the database, you can decide to stop at any time.  Simply contact the CliniCrowd Registry coordinator, and all of your data will be removed from the CliniCrowd Database.  Un-identifiable data shared will also be removed. However, un-identifiable data cannot be retrieved from researchers that have already accessed it prior to your request for removal. CliniCrowd may withdraw you from the CliniCrowd Registry if circumstances arise which warrant doing so, even if you would like to continue. We will tell you about new information or changes in the CliniCrowd Registry that may affect your willingness to continue in the study.


CliniCrowd does not provide medical advice.  For medical advice regarding how to manage your disease, please consult your physician.