In Appreciation

Parkinson’s Scientific & Medical

Professor Daniel Segal – for your data, knowledge and scientific insights
Eran Fine – for your invaluable contribution to the project. It wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without you
Roni Peled – for introducing us to all your Parkinson’s dancing groups

Parkinson’s Participants

Alon Dror – for believing, sharing, organizing, initiating and motivating so many participants to join the registry
Eyal Egozi – for making the registry professional and user friendly
Debbie Shapiro – for creating an inspirational video

Marketing and Messaging

Debra Eisenberg – for endless hours of communication messaging … crafting … aligning and supporting
Ariel Geifman – for creating our LinkedIn page
Rachel Avidan & Ofer Nov – for the logo and template design

Legal and Accounting

FWMK Law  – for taking CliniCrowd on Pro-Bono
UHY Shteinmetz – Aminoach CPA – for taking CliniCrowd on Pro-Bono
Odelia Pollak – for taking CliniCrowd on Pro-Bono

Web Site

Adam Rhodes – for your Pro-Bono web site design
Shlomi Zak – for your Pro-Bono consulting
Kobi Cohen – for Pro-Bono web site hosting
Guy Cohen – for long weekends of development

For Believing in CliniCrowd from Day One

Nir Klakstein – Medial Research
Ofer Arieli – Medial EarlySign
Yuval Rakavy – BRM
Ofer Iny
Marius Nacht – aMoon partners
Eilon Tirosh
Gabor Futo – Futureal Group & Finext Fund Management