1. Hover over the green Sign In button
  2. Select Register (on first sign in)
  3. Choose a unique Username (for example: myname123)
  4. Fill out your Email address (Mobile is optional)
  5. Choose a password – make sure the password contains at least 8 characters,
    one capital letter, one lowercase letter and one number (for example: Mypass123)
  6. Confirm password (re-type your password)
  7. Select what is your interest?
  8. Select what best describes you (I am)?
  9. Check the I Agree to Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions box
  10. Check the I am not a robot box (You may be asked for additional identification by image or audio),
    this will help avoid false registrations and spam
  11. Click on Sign Up

Once signed in you will see your profile page.
This profile page will be used,once you fill-out registries enough times, to be able to reflected medical condition management and updates.

Now you can access your relevant registry (from top menu > registries)