Gout – Cherries

Cherries contain powerful compounds like vitamins, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, which are known to fight inflammation and may help lower your uric acid levels;

Cherries have low caloric value (63 calories to 100 gr).


Cherries are used for eating. Lately research reveal that cherries have beneficial effect in reducing inflammatory conditions and in reducing uric acid and might promote sleep.


Cherries contain fructose. 10 sweet cherries or 1 cup of sour cherries contain about 4 grams of fructose. Subjects who live with Gout should limit the fructose/sugar intake to below 25 grams a day.  


Several clinical studies were conducted to assess the effect of cherries on gout. All are listed in the Gout page in our Web Site


It is not exactly clear what is the recommended dosage of each cherry type. One of the objectives of the registry is to answer this question.

It is generally accepted that 20-30 of sweet cherries or 2-3 cups of sour cherries a day should help prevent flares (gout attack). In a case a flare has already initiated some recommend 20 cherries after each meal.

It seems that dry/frozen cherries has a beneficial effect as well. Cherry concentrated juice might also help- in case of using cherry juice verify it is natural and doesn’t contain any additional sugar/sweeteners. One tablespoon equals to about 45 to 60 cherries.

The tart cherries (brighter & sourer cherries) are the one usually being tested in the studies mentioned on our website. They seems to have a lower sugar concentration and higher concentration of different compounds that are beneficial for gout and arthritis.

Please note that for subjects with Gout drinking plenty of water is recommended on a daily basis. Refraining from meat, seafood and alcohol consumption is also recommended.


Join us in assessing the effects of cherries on Gout and better defining the dosage of each type/form of cherry

We invite you to join our registry and provide updates on your medical condition, quality of life, your cherries consumption, and other lifestyle habits.

The registry will allow you to receive a personal report on the progress of your medical condition as well as a cumulative report of your condition as part of a community registered, and other interesting information emerging from the data of all participants.

From the database, we expect to include thousands of subjects with gout, we will together:

  • Try to find combinations that might be beneficial like lifestyle specific food ingredients
  • Better assess the effect of cherries on Gout
  • Better define the requested dose of each form of cherries, for prevention or treat gout attacks
  • Verify if there is a different effect on sub-population, or other underlying conditions

We will provide ongoing updates on all findings.

We will be grateful receiving any feedback that will allow us to improve the data collection, user interface report parameters, or/and other information you would like to receive.

It is crucial to clear that we do not provide/market/or promote any product or manufacturer.

Disclaimer: CliniCrowd does not provide medical advice.  For medical advice regarding how to manage your Gout disease, please consult your doctor

IMPORTANT: Please do not share this information with others before they engage to our registry program.
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