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What Do We Offer ?

Crowd sourcing platform that explores and validates science based, natural, safe and easily accessible nutriments leading to a healthier and better life for individuals living with Gout disease

Why You ?

You have the right to know, access and explore nutriments and treatments. To date pharma companies have no financial incentive to investigate or promote Cherries for Gout

What Are The Benefits ?

Awareness and insights gained through ongoing, on line reporting by the Gout community incentivized to improve your well-being and quality of life

How Does It Work ?

VERIFY we identify and assess scientific data relevant to Gout medical condition
BELIEVE we trust the power and wisdom of the crowd to influence and make a change
EXPLORE we collect ongoing data and analyze the impact of Cherries on Gout symptoms and quality of life
SHARE we protect unidentified data and share insights with our Gout participants (see privacy policy)
VALIDATE we corroborate the big-data validating Cherries as an enhanced solution for Gout


CliniCrowd does not provide medical advice. For medical advice regarding how to manage your disease, please consult your physician.

We intend to raise Awareness, gain Acceptance and increase Adoption of Cherries as an option.

The only way to do this is By the Crowd for the Crowd.

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We’ve launched a broad, on-line, protected platform that collects, analyzes and generates the communities’ verified experiences with researched Nutriments. The Platform enables the Gout community to easily access and use our proprietary Gout registry and expanded applications, allowing participants to monitor, share and validate the efficacy of Cherries. The Platform will, in turn, provide analytics and shared insights allowing the individual participants and the crowd to better manage their personal symptoms – taking greater control of their lives.

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CliniCrowd, for the first time in Gout history, has created a registry for patients and/or their primary care givers to test and validate Cherries, as a remedy for Gout. We believe the power and wisdom of the crowd will fast track this process to help assess the potential symptom improving benefits of Cherries for the Gout community. CliniCrowd’s Gout registry was driven by a number of clinical studies that assessed the effect of Cherries on Gout.

The first study on Cherries for Gout appeared in medical literature in 1950 (Texas Report on Biology and Medicine). A study published in 2003 found that among 10 healthy women eating two servings of Bing Cherries, uric acid fell by 15%.  See publicationA clinical study published in 2006 found that 18 healthy adults who ate 280gr of Bing Cherries each day for a month had a significant reduction in blood levels of substances associated with inflammation and immune cell activity.  See publication.

Based on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007–2008, the prevalence of Gout in the US is estimated to be 3.9% among US adults, which translates into 8.3 million US adults. More info on Cherries and Gout can be found HERE.

A prospective survey study published in 2012 included 633 patients with confirmed Gout and followed them for 1 year. This study found that patients with Gout who consumed Cherries (1/2 cup serving or the equivalent of 10-12 Cherries) or Cherry based extract for 2 days were less likely to have a subsequent Gout attack by 35%. Those patients who ate more Cherries, up to three servings in two days, had an even lower, 50 percent reduction in risk.  See publication.

A research published in 2012 present’s additional support to the positive effect of cherries on Gout. See publication.

The International Community of Gout has the right to know!

To date there is no platform for free, large scale testing, registration and validation of possible Nutriments that are scientifically-based, and considered safe to consume by the regulatory authorities

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  • Receive and adopt a new and safe nutriment to potentially impact my Gout
  • Access innovative data to assess its ability to alleviate my condition
  • Receive ongoing reports monitoring the progression of my Gout
  • Benefit from analytics and insights based on accumulated data from the Crowd
  • Be a part of a community whose common goal is to prevent and fight Gout attacks
  • Take an active role in creating change that will have a positive impact on patients throughout the world