No two people with Parkinson’s have the same symptoms and same effectiveness of treatments.
Same for Mannitol, it affects each person differently.

Research shows that the Mannitol helps to prevent the deterioration of PD disease, in addition some participants report the following:

  • After 18-30 days with Mannitol they feel a change
  • After 30-60 days some observed a slight decrease in symptom improvements and even some regression
  • After 90 days they report continuous improvement

Please note – that this is preliminary data. There are participants that experience changes after a few months, and some that may not experience any change in symptoms, however, their change will be expressed by no deterioration of their disease. Some may not experience any change in symptoms but receive feedback from the people around them.

Therefore we need more participants to report on a monthly-basis, in order to reflect more solid data.