Thank you for filling out the Alzheimer initial registry and joining our community!

Next step: keep filling out the Alzheimer follow-up registry on a monthly basis.

CliniCrowd’s platform collects data from people who want to better manage their medical condition. You will be able to:

  • Maintain a clear record of your disease
  • Test which treatment works best for you
  • Track your disease’s progress
  • Compare your status fellow community members
  • Share relevant data with your Care Givers

By using our registries, you will be able to learn valuable information such as Cinnamon efficacy and great insights regarding Alzheimer’s from the wisdom of the crowd. Moreover, by continuously filling out the follow-up registry, you will able to enjoy personal reports whether you are taking Cinnamon or not.

With your help, our goal is to share information and insights once we will collect sufficient data from the crowd. This will take some time since responsible insights can be achieved only once substantial amount of registries are obtained (both number of subjects and number of follow-ups). Some information will be presented only for people who registered to our website. Additional information, insights and personal reports will be available only for participates in the registry.