Please Note – CliniCrowd does not manufacture, provide or sell Mannitol and does not have any financial relationship with Mannitol manufactures.

Here are a few points that should be considered when you buy Mannitol:

  1. The label indicates that the Mannitol is good for human consumption (as a sweetener).
  2. The label includes a FDA notice that when taking over 20 grams a day there might be side effects such as a laxative effect.
  3. It’s recommended to check the supplier/manufacturer has positive reviews.
  4. It’s recommended to check that the supplier/manufacturer works according to his territory regulation and preferable also according to USA and/or EU regulation.
  5. Purity of Mannitol –  is high (above 99%).
  6. Pay attention that you purchase or examine the above regarding MANNITOL and not MALTITOL.