April 11th is Parkinson’s International Day.

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The CliniCrowd Platform

The International community of Parkinson’s has the right to know !

We’ve launched a broad, on-line, protected crowd-based platform that collects, analyzes and generates the communities’ verified experiences with researched Nutriments. This platform will help fast track Nutriments efficacy, to hopefully lead to a healthier and better life for individuals living with Parkinson’s.

The Platform enables the Parkinson’s community to easily access and use our proprietary Parkinson‘s registry and expanded applications, allowing participants to monitor, share and validate the efficacy of Mannitol. The Platform will, in turn, provide analytics and shared insights allowing the individual participants and the crowd to better manage their personal symptoms – taking greater control of their lives.

How Does It Work ?

VERIFY we identify and assess scientific data relevant to Parkinson’s disease
BELIEVE we trust the power and wisdom of the crowd to influence others in the Parkinson’s community
EXPLORE we collect ongoing data and analyze the impact of Mannitol on symptoms and quality of life
SHARE we protect unidentified data and share insights with our Parkinson’s participants (see  privacy policy)
VALIDATE we corroborate the big-data validating Mannitol as an enhanced solution


We intend to raise Awareness, gain Acceptance and increase Adoption of Mannitol as an option.

The only way to do this is By the Crowd for the Crowd.

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