What Do We Offer ?

Community testing and validating of scientific-based, natural, safe and accessible Nutriments leading to a healthier and better life for individuals with various ailments and medical conditions

Why Us ?

We believe individuals with medical conditions have the right to know, access and try treatment alternatives that pharma companies have no financial incentive to investigate or promote

What Are The Benefits ?

Awareness and insights gained through ongoing, on-Iine reporting by communities incentivized to improve their wellbeing and quality of life

How Is It Done ?

VERIFY         we investigate scientific data relevant to diseases

BELIEVE       we trust the power and wisdom of the crowd to influence and make a change

TRY                  we collect ongoing data and analyze the impact of Nutriments on symptoms and quality of life

SHARE           we protect unidentified data and share with the community/crowd in real time (see privacy policy)

VALIDATE    we corroborate the big-data validating Nutriments as an enhanced solution

Help Us Help You !


We have launched a broad, on-line, protected platform that collects. analyzes and generates communities’ verified experiences with researched Nutriments.

The Platform enables the crowd to easily access and use our proprietary registries and expanded applications, allowing participants to monitor, share and validate the efficacy of a specific Nutriment.

The Platform will, in turn, provide analytics and shared insights allowing the individual participants and the crowd to better manage their personal symptoms – taking greater control of their lives.


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It’s free !