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CliniCrowd is a global community for patients and those at-risk to share experiences, treatments, and insights.

We invite you to participate in our registries to collect unique and untapped valuable data and track your own medical condition.

CliniCrowd participants fill out an initial registry and then a shorter, follow-up registry each month, with complete access to their individual data. We’ll analyze that data collectively to discern patterns about effective experiences and publicize the results to all registry participants.

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Find, share, and learn information that may alleviate your symptoms or slow degeneration. Validate and transform your anecdotes into applicable treatments


Help your loved ones be informed about their illness and the community’s experiences. Join our prevention registry to help test if nutriments can prevent you from getting the same disease


Let your patients take control. Refer them to the registries to track their symptoms and see how nutriments affect their quality of life


Test efficacy of solutions to stop or slow disease progression, get global, cost-effective & faster evidence-based data to enable a more powerful starting point for new research


Check out the latest research, and invite your patients to track their symptoms and own experiences with nutriments, improving your diagnostic toolbox



Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE "I experiemced am imrovement in a month... the process takes and needs patience..." Parkinson's Dan, taking Mannitol since April 7, 2016 JOIN US Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE “After a few weeks of Mannitol consumption (and a better sleep), I started feeling a positive change in my level of energy and ability to do things – and this, I believe, is the biggest gain” Parkinson's E, Age 46, diagnosed at age 39, taking Mannitol since July 1, 2016 JOIN US Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE “At 2 months, I began to notice that my typing was improving. My arms became more steady. This might sound insignificant, but it was a powerful change to me. Into month 3 & 4, I started to notice that my left arm was able to extend without shaking as much as usual. I am holding a coffee cup, no shaking. I am holding my toothbrush, shaking, but better than before. My optimism is beginning to grow. Month 5, I am noticing my walking is becoming more normalized. Here I am at 6 months and although subtle, the changes are exciting.” Parkinson's D, taking Mannitol since January, 2017 JOIN US Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE “I was more than pleasantly surprised at the positive effect of Mannitol on my Parkinson’s symptoms. Within a few weeks, my walking improved tremendously. Although there have been some setbacks – we went through a very difficult period in which I was living on adrenaline – my off times still not as bad as they were before, and during my on times, I forget that I was ever diagnosed as having Parkinson’s.” Parkinson's Debbie, taking Mannitol since Aug 11, 2016 JOIN US Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE “Give time time, patience ..” Parkinson's David, taking Mannitol since Sep 1, 2016 JOIN US Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE “From the outset, I felt good things happening. My sleep improved. My sense of smell was returning. Yes, it was gradual process. It took time. At the beginning there were ups and downs but, for the first time in years, I felt something healthy happening to me. It was not a simple process. Myself and Parkinson’s? We are closely intertwined. It is difficult for both of us to let go. But, just as Parkinson’s manifests itself differently in other people, Mannitol does too” Parkinson's A.D. taking Mannitol since June 17, 2016 JOIN US Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE Rafi Eldor, Professor at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzelia (IDC) Parkinson's Taking Mannitol since Oct 27, 2016 JOIN US Slide FIGHTING PARKINSON'S DISEASE Avihu Ben-Nun, Major General (retired), the 11th commander of the Israeli Air Force between 1987 and 1992

“We have the opportunity and the reason for hope. So now is the time for You to join us.”
Parkinson's Taking Mannitol since Aug 31, 2016 JOIN US